Webinar on Demand: Executing Compliant File Migration


Are you responsible for terabytes, hundreds of terabytes, or even petabytes of unstructured content? Do thoughts of compliance violations and risks buried deep within all that data keep you in a constant state of anxiety?

Maybe you are contemplating a migration to a new platform or looking for a way to add structure to your unstructured content. A lack of understanding about what’s stored within the enterprise can hinder migration efforts and cost organizations time, resources, and business opportunity.

Data stewards have been losing sleep over this for many years. Unfortunately, it’s still a challenge to quell these anxieties and move forward…
until now.

We’ll address the challenges surrounding unstructured data within the enterprise, and explore a new methodology to execute high-volume content migration while supporting compliance mandates along the way.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The risks and challenges hiding among mismanaged unstructured content
  • Why existing methodologies for content management and migration have failed to address these challenges
  • How you can truly understand and automatically organize your content to avoid risk within your business

You’ll hear from Russ Houberg, our resident SharePoint Microsoft Certified Master with over 15 years of migration experience. Russ has been directly involved in the migration of over 2 PB of content and over a billion documents.