Recent global events have shown that innovation is essential for enterprises to survive and flourish. But accelerating digital innovation brings new complexity and risk.Security and risk management executives joined Gartner experts virtually, over three days and shared valuable insights on enabling their enterprise to embrace the technologies of tomorrow, today — and do it in the safest possible manner. The conference offered the tools needed to understand the risks inherent in digital initiatives so that you could realize the benefits of innovation securely. And you play a key role in making sure that security resilience is built-in from the start.At the conference, the top 5 priorities that security and risk management leaders met on included:

  1. Emerging Technologies
  2. Leadership Vision
  3. Cloud Security
  4. Ransomware
  5. Machine Identity Management

We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2021 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit!  If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2022 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!