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Discover and protect sensitive information hidden within unstructured data. Gain deep insights into your enterprise content, mitigate risk, and reach unparalleled business agility.

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Discover and protect unstructured data

During your 1:1 demo with our experts you’ll learn learn how to:

  • Gain and maintain a full understanding of your enterprise content, including where it’s stored and who has access to it, as well as how to extract value from your data
  • Identify sensitive data, PII, PCI, or other potentially risky data within your enterprise content
  • Automatically discover and classify unstructured data as it’s created or updated from anywhere, within any content repository
  • Rapidly migrate files at scale to or from any on-prem or cloud repository, to consolidate systems or improve content residency
  • Enforce data governance policies automatically to improve your security posture and maintain regulatory compliance

Improve security posture and compliance

Utilize modern advances in AI to discover, migrate, and govern your unstructured data—providing continual insight to risk profiles, while automatically mitigating exposed vulnerabilities and enabling your organization to make better data-driven decisions.

While DryvIQ detects, classifies, and labels sensitive information, governance capabilities ensure that data is properly authorized and stored in the appropriate location. The platform can add additional permissions and/or move files to a secured folder, system or geo-location to meet content residency compliance.

Policy-driven classification can be leveraged to automate the application of sensitivity labels to enrich Data Loss prevention (DLP) and other Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems to ensure that intellectual property is not leaked outside the organization.

  • Access to any connected source and discovery of all enterprise content
  • Identify and detect sensitive data and documents
  • Audit and remediate sensitive document labels
  • Automate policy enforcement to eliminate manual governance
  • Continuous governance and oversight to safeguard content
DryvIQ Enterprise Data Management Platform