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Seamlessly discover, migrate, and protect unstructured data with rapid deployment, immediate time-to-value, and lower total cost of ownership. Meet DryvIQ Cloud.

Rapid data growth, sky-high storage costs, increasing security risks, updated data privacy and protection regulations… the list is endless. Data challenges are quickly evolving, and it’s becoming harder for organizations to keep up – but the pressure to do so is mounting. According to Dataversity, IT leaders in 2023 are being asked to cut costs, create value from unstructured data, and do so quickly.

Given the extreme pressures that IT departments face internally and externally, the need is clear: an unstructured data management platform that can move with speed and scale.

With rapid deployment, immediate time-to-value, and unparalleled performance, DryvIQ Cloud has answered the call.

Meet DryvIQ Cloud

Harnessing patented A.I. technology, DryvIQ Cloud offers unprecedented performance, up to 15 times faster than on-premises deployment scenarios. The unstructured data management platform seamlessly discovers, migrates, and protects unstructured data while automatically scaling up or down to optimize speed without disrupting business or user activity or requiring expensive hardware configurations.

Best-in-class speed & scale

With speeds of over 100 terabytes a day at petabyte scale, we’ve delivered quick time-to-value for over 1,100 of the largest organizations in the world. Here’s what you can expect with DryvIQ Cloud:

  • Shorter Project Durations: DryvIQ’s industry-leading speed and scale delivers shorter project timelines so you can avoid costly storage renewals and unnecessary infrastructure and resource costs.
  • Immediate Rollout: DryvIQ is ready when you are. Our fully managed SaaS deployment eliminates time spent securing and installing servers so you can begin your project in a matter of days—not weeks or months—and access data-driven intelligence faster.
  • Improved Performance: Utilizing autoscale technology, DryvIQ optimizes and improves performance effortlessly in the background, without any extra hardware configurations or investments – proven to be up to 15 times faster than on-premises deployments.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Requiring no server costs, annual hardware licensing or maintenance contracts, networking configuration, or other capital expenditures, DryvIQ Cloud offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) versus on-premises solutions.
  • Highly Secure Data Management: DryvIQ Cloud is ISO 27001 certified. The platform’s highly secure architecture ensures data is fully encrypted, isolated, and protected – at rest and in transit – in all deployment scenarios.

Cut costs, reduce risk, and unlock value from unstructured data

Organizations have outgrown their capacity to manage unstructured data and decrease security risks without automation. A scalable unstructured data management platform has nearly limitless applications, but there are three use cases that almost all organizations can benefit from to quickly extract value from data, reduce costs, and improve security.

Statistics regarding ROT data, unknown data, and active unstructured data

Data Discovery

Data volumes are growing at a staggering rate – and growing in obscurity. According to 451 Research, more than 45 percent of an organization’s unstructured data is “dark data,” or data that has never been analyzed and therefore contains unknown value. Organizations looking for a competitive edge should start by looking within their own data stores to find the answer to: “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Unstructured data discovery can uncover this dark data, providing insight and visibility that enables strategic and informed data-driven decision-making while enhancing business agility.

Data Minimization

Studies estimate that 33 percent to as high as 85 percent of enterprise data is redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT). This means millions of dollars are wasted annually on storing, securing, and managing data that is no longer valuable but potentially presents enormous risk exposure.

Data minimization by an unstructured data management platform can slash costs and reduce that exposure. The platform analyzes your unstructured data landscape, identifies ROT, and classifies unknown data, allowing you to consolidate or take other actions. Automatically purge unnecessary data and migrate what remains to cheaper archival storage or a more secure location.

On-going Data Protection

Organizations constantly generate sensitive information that employees access and store in many different repositories. Because of this non-stop flurry of data growth and activity, breaches can be difficult to detect; on average, it takes around 212 days to identify a data breach.

It’s time to shift to proactive protection rather than reactive damage control. Organizations should implement an unstructured data management platform driven by artificial intelligence to automatically mitigate security risks and enforce data governance policies – preventing breaches from occurring in the first place rather than scrambling to minimize the damage hundreds of days later.

Discover, manage, and protect your unstructured data

Infosec and IT departments are caught in a balancing act of protecting mountains of sensitive data from a siege of threats while trying to reduce budgets during economic uncertainty. Forward-thinking organizations are quickly implementing robust unstructured data management strategies that can withstand the pressure and drive immediate value. Contact us today to learn how DryvIQ can help you reduce operating costs, increase business efficiency, and minimize security risk.

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