Dryving Enterprise Data Management Forward


SkySync has been a leader in migration for many years, with a rich heritage of successfully managing large-volume content and data migrations for some of the world’s leading organizations including Nike, Disney, and AstraZeneca. Our platform was initially built to simplify enterprise file migrations, but we’ve learned that our customers, and the market at large, need more than just file migration.

Modern enterprises want a clearer view of the unstructured data stored in their systems, the valuable information that resides within this data, and what level of risk it contains. This question frequently arises during migration projects as enterprises often don’t know what they have, and equally important, whether they want to move it to their new environment. But the desire to identify and better understand unstructured data is now expanding way beyond migration projects. And we’re finding that organizations want more than just data reporting tools that produce a list of tasks that need addressing.

Companies know that they have large amounts of sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP), and other confidential content stored within various business systems and repositories. They are also very aware of risks related to the risk of data loss, privacy, and security breaches – as well as, and the regulatory, financial, and reputational consequences associated with these unnerving predicaments.

The SkySync platform already has two-way access to all the unstructured content in the multiple data sources scattered around the organization. But the ask from our clients is more holistic: for cross-repository connectivity, deep data classification with AI, and the ability to act on the data and insights identified. In an ideal scenario, the worlds’ largest organizations are looking for a solution that can do all of this and pass them a list of completed tasks.

Until recently, the SkySync you know and love wasn’t able to do this… but SkySync is evolving. We’re leveraging our expertise from performing the largest file migrations in the world to deliver a unique new offering that will dryv our customers – and the market – forward in new and powerful ways.

Look for a big announcement coming from us very soon.

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