DryvIQ’s powerful advanced features enables successful move to Google Drive

Customer Profile

Meritide is a business and technology consultancy that has been serving clients for over a decade with three practice areas focused on improving strategies and business process, delivering software solutions for business, and aligning IT to the needs of the business.

Velocity delivers application expertise and productivity gains through complete application lifecycle support as the ERP in the Cloud Company. Including services for software implementations, upgrades, ongoing management, and functional support. And with its Universal Cloud Services, Velocity offers deep application expertise across all leading enterprise software platforms and related software complements.

The Challenge: Migrate SharePoint to Google Drive

Following a corporate decision to migrate from on-premises Microsoft SharePoint to Google Drive / Apps, Velocity required a means to move select departments’ SharePoint document libraries into the Google collaboration platform – while preserving key file metadata.

“Velocity had a number of departments with critical information stored within SharePoint. And it was imperative that they retain the metadata associated with the documents while migrating that content to Google Drive,” said Bill Stoyke, director of sales and marketing at Meritide.

“Velocity had already done most of the migration manually, but there were many complexities with this content. They did not have the time or the resources to solve this challenge on their own.”

Velocity engaged Meritide to assist with the migration. As Velocity’s partner during its prior SharePoint implementation, Meritide was familiar with Velocity’s environment and best positioned to efficiently migrate department content.

We were able to come in under budget in both the cost and time estimated for the project. DryvIQ certainly proved its value.
Bill Stoyke, Director of Sales and Marketing

The Solution

“This challenge was new to us. So after diligent research into possible solutions, we discovered and selected DryvIQ,” Stoyke said. “We were enamored at DryvIQ’s core capabilities. That it would retain the metadata all while still being incredibly easy to use. It was also something that was able to meet Velocity’s budget while completely fulfilling all of the functional requirements.”

After purchasing DryvIQ, Meritide had the software deployed in no time. “As advertised, it was quick to install and incredibly easy to use,” Stoyke said.

The Results

With DryvIQ, Meritide was able to transfer all of the associated metadata with Velocity’s content from SharePoint to Google Drive. As well as save time and money in the process.

“We were able to come in under budget in both the cost and time estimated for the project,” Stoyke said. “DryvIQ certainly proved its value.”

Having completed the initial project, Meritide will now employ DryvIQ to move Velocity’s remaining content to Google Drive/Apps.